Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tools can matter

I'll start by saying I am in no way paid, or even noticed by by the manufacturer of this tool. I have one tool I do most of my metal cutting with, a Metabo. It will cut almost anything. I use one at work, and I've used it on anything from stainless steel, to granite. The thing that drove me to use it is not actually it's versatility, it's the safety. No tool with a six inch composite blade spinning at about twelve grand rpm is going to be completely safe. The Metabo six inch cut off tool has a clutch in it. You can tell its in actual one when you first fire it up there is a pause, then it spools up. The clutch comes into play when you're cutting smaller or lighter gauge pieces. It keeps the blade from binding and either slinging the part into you, or dragging you into the spinning blade. I've tried every other brand where I work and none compare to this. Yes, they cost more, but so you your fingers. I never pay full price for anything and this was no different. I repaired mine from scrap ones being thrown out at the shop I work for, but a pawn shop would a great route. There is no reason you can't get quality tool on a budget.

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