Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ready to roll, well almost..

Started working on the rear supports today. As you can see the conduit was slightly larger than the original support. With a little persuasion from my favorite hammer I got the gap from about a quarter inch to a little more than a sixteenth. You have to make sure not to hit it too hard when you're trying to dolly things over like this, lots of lighter taps will do much better for you. I'm just planning on filling the end from where the old pipe went with the mig welder.

After tacking the last supports up I decided to slap everything together and give her a quick test sit. To my surprise and relief it actually felt pretty good. When I was laying everything out I measured the inseam of my pants and made that the distance from the front of the seat to the petal at its most extended point. On the docket for tomorrow is cleaning and grinding the welds on the frame. I'm going to strip it back down to the frame to make it easier to handle. I'm scared that the clean up and prep for primer will take longer than anything so far, but hey it's just one more step in the journey.

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