Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shelves part two

I decided I wanted something different that just panted shelves for the work room, so I went the Mod Podge way. It was pretty easy you just paint it on, put what you want as the finish on, then paint it again. I wanted it to blend with the colors of the room so I went with a Reader's Digest for the outside.  Then I took the old handles and sanded them down with 240 grit sand paper so the flat black paint would have something to stick to. Putting the handles back was pretty easy I just used the old holes and pop riveted them back on.

Next came the install.  I wanted a clean almost floating look so I opted to drill holes in the side for drywall anchors.  My current anchor of choice is the Zip it anchor.  It looks like a corkscrew and has around a fifty pound capacity.  All I did to install was hold it up to where I wanted it, marked it, screwed in the anchors, then ran screws through the shelf into the anchor.  They came out stronger that I ever thought they could be I was actually impressed. 

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