Sunday, April 18, 2010

Inspiration can burn

Today was one of those days where something just had to be built. As I was walking the so called "project pile" in the basement I came across a ten speed bike and some old conduit. With those bits, a Metabo and mig welder something may be born.

Truthfully I was in more of a hack and weld mood than a measuring one. So much so that I was actually working in my shorts and sandals. Welding splatter on the top of a foot in sandals reminds you you're being stupid real quick. Most of the time when I'm building something random like this I have a picture in my mind I work off of, no fancy drawing or the like. Most of the time things come out close to what I was wanting, but hey that's part of the adventure. With daylight burning I cut down the frame and extended out where the back wheel mounts. My current idea is an extended out almost recumbent style bike. I'm not sure how everything will go as of yet, but something will work out. Now for dinner, more cutting and welding tomorrow.

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