Monday, April 19, 2010

Day two of the bike

I finished most of the moch up today. I'm only missing the support form the rear wheel. I started with what I'll call the spine support, the main tube from the top of the steering neck. I simply ran a piece of the conduit from the neck to a cross support I tacked in yesterday. I didn't cut the old supports off all the way I left about a half inch to act as a sleeve to weld the new support onto. The upright from the crank didn't line up exactly like I wanted to so I used a pair of vice grips and a wrench to pull them so I could tack it up. I know I'm not making something to cruse at sixty miles an hour but I still like having my stuff square.

I'm going for the long and lean look and I think I'm getting there. I still need to work on the supports for the rear. Right now I'm looking at cutting the old ones off and rerunning them to the mounting pipe for the seat. I'm thinking that will keep with the lines of the bike I have now.
That's all for today. On the list for tomorrow is finishing the rear supports and figuring out a way to make all of the gearing and brakes work.

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