Thursday, May 6, 2010

Business Card Holder

Today was another day where something had to be built.  I ventured into the basement and came out with a bucket of random metal bits.   IMG_0327It was mostly old cheep tools.  My wife calls me a tool snob.  If it’s made in China, or the like, I won’t use it.  In my job my life regularly depends on my tools, so I use the best.  So, that begs the question, what do you do with all of the gifted or oddly acquired cheep stuff?  Simple, use it as material.  Rummaging through the bucket I came across some old wrenches, a knock off crescent wrench, a spare tire holder for a Z31 Nissan and a skeleton key.

IMG_0329   I used a hammer and a cement block to put a small radius into the wrenches.  The plan was to weld them into the base for the crescent wrench.  The spare holder looked like a piece of channel so I welded it to the crescent wrench to support the cards.  IMG_0330



I needed a platform for the cards. So, I took two of the other wrenches and crossed them to make the support.  This seemed to work well , but it just needed more.

2010 April Blog 036  

The final touch was the skeleton key to hold down the cards.  I welded a lock washer to the top of the spare holder to hold the key on, yet let is swivel.  Even set up outside in the wind the cards will right where you want them. 

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