Friday, May 14, 2010

Body by rebar


With my project list ever growing the wife decided to add yet another one to me.  She has a craft show coming up next month, and needs some display pieces.  The first thing she wants is a body double.  With a quick check of the mental list of free materials, the pile of rebar in the lot beside the house won the vote.  The idea that came to me was a triangular almost Blair Witch style body, just with depth. 


The tool of choice tonight was a Miller, Millermatic 135 mig welder.  I’m using flux core wire in it so it’s more portable.  The trick to these “cricket welders”, as some call them, is to turn the volts wide open and adjust the wire to what works for you.  Mine was a little less then half way up for welding the rebar.  The only bad thing I found was that the tacks with the flux core wire are brittle, so the won’t bend or pull like normal. 










With some quick cutting and tacking I had the basic form.  I’m thinking of using wire to act as a filler, and give it the detail it needs.  I still need to make the hips, and as the wife informed me “make it female”.  Metal boobs it is.  I’m think I’ll try a rebar cone with a wire coiling out from the center.  Some things you never imagine having to design. 

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