Monday, May 3, 2010

Bicycle returns

After looking everything over on the bike I decided to tear down the wheels to refinish them.  I figured I would start with the back wheel.  The rim was pretty rusty, and the gears were not much better.  The bike was outside for a while before I save it. 


I ran into more problems than I though I would trying to break down the wheel.  Turns out that you need special tool that are only good for taking apart bike wheels.  I have a rule in my house, no unitaskers.  I’m not going to have random tool laying around that I never use but once in a blue moon.  To remove the spokes they say you need a spoke wrench.  I took mine off with a flat tip screw driver from the inside.  Just be careful the brass is soft and easy to mess up.  To remove the gears you need yet another special wrench.  I’m thinking I can remove it with a hammer and screw driver, but the rust has beaten me for this evening.  I gave it a good spray of WD-40, and I’ll hit it with some more tomorrow.  Now I just have to figure out if it is reversed threaded or not.  Learning as you go can be entertaining. 


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