Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boxes from boxes

Yes, it seems slightly redundant to make a box out of a box, but what else are you going to do with those Chex boxes?  The wife needed a fancy looking box for something she had to ship out.  I figured if I can layout just about any fitting in metal a box would be no problem.  IMG_0357 I came across a Chex box, the large Sam’s version, in the recycling and decided to scavenge it for the cardboard.  I started by opening up all of the seams on the box to lay it flat.  I made a center line down the longest way to give me something to start the layout from.  It’s hard to give exact measurements when you’re working with repurposed material.  You never know exactly what size piece you might be working with.  I needed mine to be about an inch and a half deep and ten inches tall.  The width I determined be what I was able to get out of the piece.  For looks I made it taper in on each side.  IMG_0358
I started with laying out the bottom of the box in the center of the cardboard.  Then I measured out the ten inch sides off of each side of the bottom.  At this point I’m just basically making a mirror image on each side of the bottom.  Off the front of the box I made sides that are the same inch and a half with a half inch extra to attach it to the back.  On the top of the back I laid out the lid.  I added a sixteenth of in inch to the inch and a half so it would fit better around the box.  The thing you have to remember is to layout everything from the centerline.  If you keep everything symmetrical you’ll be okay.  IMG_0360  
IMG_0362I cut out the box with a pair of scissors.  Being that the Chex box was corrugated cardboard I decided to score the edges where they would be bent.  Doing this gave it much nicer and crisp edges.   When you score the bend marks make sure only to cut through the top layer and about half of the corrugated.  You don’t want to weaken the edge to much.  Once the bend marks are scored it was pretty easy to form up.  I used a masking tape to put the box together and was quite happy with the results.  The wife wanted to wrap it to I left her to that.  IMG_0366            

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